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The Mousetrap Auditions

Monday, September 11, 7-9:30 pm
Tuesday, September 12, 7-9:30 pm

Sunnydale Cabin
334 S. Trade Street, Tryon, NC (next to the Dollar General)


Please sign up to audition through this link: bit.ly/3srtL3D



Begin September 25 at the TLT Workshop.


Show Dates:  

 NOV. 9-12 & 16-19, 2023 (Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30 pm, Sundays @ 3:00 pm) at the TLT Workshop.


The play, directed by Jim Powell, is about a group of strangers stranded in a remote English boarding house during a blizzard. One of them is a murderer. As Detective Sergeant Trotter begins probing into the background of those present, it’s clear that everyone has a secret to hide. This is an engaging, suspenseful whodunit that keeps audiences guessing until the very end.


Mollie Ralston – Proprietor of Monkswell Manor, and wife of Giles.

Giles Ralston – Husband of Mollie who runs Monkswell Manor with his wife.

Christopher Wren – The first guest to arrive at the hotel, Wren is a hyperactive young man who acts in a very peculiar manner. He admits he is running away from something but refuses to say what. Wren claims to have been named after the architect of the same name by his parents.

Mrs. Boyle – A critical older woman who is pleased by nothing she observes.

Major Metcalf – Retired from the army, little is known about Major Metcalf.

Miss Casewell – A strange, aloof, masculine woman who speaks offhandedly about the horrific experiences of her childhood.

Mr. Paravicini – A man of unknown provenance, who turns up claiming his car has overturned in a snowdrift. He appears to be affecting a foreign accent and artificially aged with make-up.

Detective Sergeant Trotter – The detective. He arrives in a snowstorm and questions the proprietors and guests.

Voice on the radio – the source of news relevant to the story.