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Tryon, North Carolina 28782
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Summer Youth Production Auditions



Thursday, April 18th - 5:00-7:00 pm
Friday, April 19th - 5:00-7:00 pm

at Sunnydale
334 S. Trade St, Tryon NC

All youth ages 8-18 are welcome to audition for our summer youth production!


Rehearsals will be in June and July in the late afternoon/early evening, with a few scattered rehearsals at the end of May for the principal characters. Rehearsals will be held either at the TLT Workshop space at 516 S. Trade St. in Tryon or at Sunnydale at 334 S. Trade St.

Show Dates:  

July 18-21, 2024 (Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30 pm, Sunday @ 3:00 pm) at the Tryon Fine Arts Center.


Auditioners should plan to sing 16 bars of a song, either with music or a cappella (singing without accompaniment),

and will be reading from the script.

Three of the possible speeches you may read are below to help you prepare. You will only be reading one.

You do not have to have it memorized unless you want to.



That’s just it, Hugo, I’m your steady! Oh I may admire Conrad Birdie as one admires a far-distant and unattainable ideal. But I’m pinned to you, Hugo, and I don’t care how common and ordinary you are, that’s how I’m going to stay! Conrad Birdie may be a great public figure, but he doesn’t make me feel all dizzy and faint when I think of him. Only my steady does that. Why even when I say his name, I don’t feel a thing. Listen. Conrad Birdie! Conrad Birdie. Conrad Birdie… (she begins to get weak in the knees).



Nothing could kill your mother, Albert, except maybe a silver bullet. And I loved Lou, too. Sure he was warm, he was loyal, he was loveable, but he died six years ago and, besides, he was a wire-haired terrier. Anyhow, I don’t want part of the company. This is something much more important. Conrad Birdie’s going in the Army; I’ve quit. There’s nothing you can do but give up the business and go back to college and become… an English teacher!



I just want to let you know that thanks to Mamma’s quick thinking, the kiss will take place after all. Tomorrow morning at the railroad station just before Conrad leaves… So it looks like you’ve failed, Rose. As anyone who fails who tries to buck Al Peterson, one of the giants, the Titans, one of the King Kongs of the music industry. Rosie, come back. Do you hear me? This King Kong calling! Rosie! Rosie! I need you.